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Special State of the University coverage - Feb. 1, 2014

OSU president's address in Portland:
The State of the University is excellent

Ed Ray at State of the University

OSU President Ed Ray applauds Friday afternoon as a Portland audience of more than 600 sees the current total raised in the historic Campaign for OSU. Photo by Hannah O'Leary

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PORTLAND - OSU President Ed Ray announced Friday that the university's first comprehensive campaign has surpassed its $1 billion fund-raising goal, 11 months ahead of schedule.

He made the announcement at his annual "State of the University" address in Portland to an audience of more than 600 business, political, civic and education leaders, alumni and friends of the university.

The event is hosted by the OSU Alumni Association and OSU's Portland Business Roundtable.

Gifts to The Campaign for OSU total $1,012,601,000. Oregon State joins only 34 other public universities in the country to have crossed the billion-dollar mark in a fund-raising campaign.

"While this is a remarkable milestone, this campaign has never been about the big number," Ray said. "Our generous donors are committed, as is the university, to transforming Oregon State into a top-10 land grant research university to significantly advance the health of the Earth, its people and our economy."

The campaign's more than 102,000 donors to the campaign have:

  • Created more than 600 new scholarships and fellowship funds - a 30 percent increase - with gifts for student support exceeding $170 million

  • Contributed more than $100 million to help attract and retain leading professors and researchers, including funding for 77 of Oregon State's 124 endowed faculty positions

  • Supported the construction or renovation of more than two dozen campus facilities, including Austin Hall in the College of Business, the Linus Pauling Science Center, new cultural centers, and the OSU Basketball Center. Bonding support from the state was critical to many of these projects.

"The campaign is about developing and energizing a community of dedicated advocates, people who share our vision of what Oregon State can accomplish," Ray said. "These partners have changed Oregon State forever - and I believe the best is yet to come."

In his State of the University address, Ray said Oregon needs to quit talking and start planning to meet its goal of a more educated citizenry to achieve economic and social prosperity. He cited the state's lack of apparent focus on reaching Oregon's "40-40-20" educational achievement goal, which calls for 40 percent of adult Oregonians to hold a bachelor's or advanced degree, 40 percent to have an associate's degree or a meaningful postsecondary certificate, and all adult Oregonians to hold a high school diploma or equivalent by the year 2025. OSU has developed a plan to do its part and is committed to those goals, already demonstrating success, Ray said. But more is needed.

"Beyond Oregon State University's own enrollment management and strategic plan, I have no idea how the state will get to 40-40-20, which could require as many as 35,000 more students annually enrolled in our four-year universities and colleges," Ray said. "There is no statewide blueprint."

Ray went on to describe how OSU's enrollment grew by 1,532 students in Corvallis and online and by another 135 students at OSU-Cascades in Bend. "Despite those gains, the net increase in enrollment among all Oregon public universities outside of Oregon State totaled 14 students," Ray pointed out.

Ray said the university expects to educate 28,000 students in Corvallis, 3,000 to 5,000 students at OSU-Cascades by 2025; and grow its online enrollment to more than 7,000 students. The university also plans to educate another 500 students annually by 2025 at a new marine studies campus located in Newport.

Ray, who recently completed his 10th year as OSU president, pointed to several Oregon State University initiatives that will help boost the economy.

OSU will lead a new national effort through its College of Forestry to advance the science and technology necessary to utilize wood in the construction of taller buildings in a public-private partnership that will advance manufacturing in Oregon and boost rural economies

The university launched the OSU Advantage last year - a one-stop shop for linking businesses with the students and researchers of Oregon State to accelerate new business development and spinoff companies; OSU's research enterprise continues to grow and reached $263 million in 2013 - a 70 percent increase over the last decade.

Two major initiatives include the selection of Oregon State to lead the design and construction of the next generation of ocean-going research vessels for the United States, and the selection of OSU, along with partners in Alaska and Hawaii, to operate one of six national sites for unmanned aircraft systems.

Industry-sponsored research is up 60 percent in five years, and licensing agreements with industry have increased 83 percent. Since 2006, OSU has helped launched 20 startup companies, which have raised $190 million in venture capital and created hundreds of jobs.

"Economic development," Ray said, "is part of our DNA."