Alumni Fellows Award Requirements

Sponsored by the OSU Alumni Association

Established by the Oregon State University Alumni Association in 1988 for the purpose of recognizing some of our most eminent alumni. These alumni have distinguished themselves in career or community. Through the Alumni Fellows Program the honorees opportunity to share their expertise and experiences with the university community.

Eligibility Considerations:
1. Any alumni of Oregon State University that is not currently an OSU or OSUAA employee.
2. Must be willing to return to campus during homecoming to receive the award in person.

Those Ineligible For Nominations:
1. A candidate for any public office.
2. Anyone currently serving as a member of the OSU Alumni Board of Directors and/or an OSU Alumni Association or OSU employee.

Nominations are solicited from the deans of the academic colleges in consultation with department chairpersons and faculty. Please consider these expectations when nominating an Alumni Fellow. 

Is it your college's year to submit a nomination? Click here for the nomination schedule. 
Nominations are due at the end of June for each calendar year: 2015-2016 academic year nominations are due end of June 2015.

List of Alumni Fellows Award past recipients  

Submissions will include:
1. Letter of nomination which includes college’s reason for nominating individual
2. Current resume or vitae
3. Original nomination form in cover page.

Selecting Body:
Each College will submit a single nomination every other year to the OSUAA Awards Committee. All nominations must be approved by the OSUAA Awards Committee.

Frequency And Number Of Awards To Be Presented:
Awards shall be made annually. Each year, one half of the 11 academic colleges at Oregon State University will present an award resulting in 5-6 awards being made each year. The OSUAA Awards Committee will determine the initial presentation schedule.

Announcement, Time And Place Of Presentation Of Award:
1. This award shall be presented during Homecoming.
2. The Director of Alumni Relations will inform recipient after they have been selected.
3. The Director will then notify the college when the recipient has agreed to return for the award ceremony.


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